化工储罐常常是大量聚集在一起,而储存的化工原料常常为易燃,易爆,有毒性,或腐蚀性原料,发生意外泄漏则可能引发火灾,通过安全评价,可以对储罐区安全现状有一定的了解,并采取一定的安全防范措施,避免发生意外。  化工储罐储存的危险化工物质具有易燃、易爆或有毒、腐蚀性,物的不安全状态,或人的不安全行为可能致使大量的易燃,易爆,有毒物质泄漏,造成大量财产损失和人员伤亡。因此,预防和控制化工储罐区的火灾爆炸事





Chemical storage tanks are often a large number of gatherings, and the stored chemical raw materials are often flammable, explosive, toxic, or corrosive raw materials. Accidental leakage may lead to fire. Through safety assessment, we can have a certain understanding of the safety status of the storage tank area, and take certain safety precautions to avoid accidents.
The dangerous chemical substances stored in chemical storage tanks are flammable, explosive, toxic and corrosive. The unsafe state of the substances or the unsafe behavior of people may cause a large number of flammable, explosive and toxic substances to leak, resulting in a large number of property losses and casualties. Therefore, the prevention and control of fire and explosion accidents in chemical storage tank area is of great significance for reducing casualties and property losses, maintaining social stability, and so on. Different evaluation methods aim at the same evaluation unit, the results will vary greatly, so that safety management personnel can not objectively understand the degree of risk.
In addition, the selection of evaluation methods for safety analysis of chemical storage tanks is very important. If the evaluation methods are not appropriate, the evaluation results may be far from the actual situation. At this time, if safety measures are taken according to the evaluation results, once an accident occurs, its consequences are unimaginable, which requires a reasonable and appropriate safety evaluation model.