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吸收塔 Absorption tower

吸收塔是常用的废气处理设备,根据吸收塔内气液接触部件的结构型式,一般可将吸收塔设备分为两大类:填料塔与板式塔。  填料吸收塔属于微分接触逆流操作,塔内以填料作为气液接触的基本构件。塔内填充填料的主要目的是,提供足够大的表面积,促使气液两相充分接触,对气液流动又不造成过大的阻力。它是填料塔的核心。填料塔操作性能的好坏,与所选用的填料有直接关系。  板式塔属于逐级接触逆流操作,塔内以塔板作为气液接触的


工业废气处理设备 Industrial waste gas treatment equipment

聚丙烯(PP)设备 Polypropylene Equipment


吸收塔 Absorption tower




Good product quality, production technology is very important!!!

The polypropylene tail gas spray cleaning tower is a standard equipment for exhaust gas treatment. The exhaust gas is introduced into the spray tower by the wind, and the gas and liquid countercurrent contact between the exhaust gas and the spray liquid through the packing layer is exhausted, and the exhaust gas is purified and then passed through the defogging layer. After dehydration and defogging, the absorption liquid is transported by the water pump to the top of the tower to be sprayed in the bottom circulation tank, and finally returned to the bottom of the tower for recycling. PP/PPH is a non-toxic, odorless, highly crystalline polymeric plastic.

It can withstand all kinds of acids and alkalis with excellent corrosion resistance, can withstand most organic and inorganic acids, alkali salts and some organic solvents, and is the most commonly used material in the field of anticorrosion.

Compared with many materials, it has light weight, excellent chemical resistance, good long-term use and high stress resistance, especially in high temperature applications.

Our products seamlessly form PP/PPH pellets by extrusion winding. The whole tower has no weld seam and no leakage.

The polypropylene storage tank forming process adopts the welding and winding winding technology, and the quality has reached the domestic advanced level. The main processes include tank welding, external welding, burning and drying, and nozzle installation.


      Advantages of bump welding:


      Production efficiency is 3.5 times higher than manual


      The product has good integrity, no seams, good corrosion resistance and leakage resistance. It can reduce the flashing edge and make the joints smooth and beautiful. The size and shape of the product are not limited.


      High welding strength (welding coefficient up to 0.95)


Second, external welding production


      External welding is the process of using the imported automatic extrusion welding unit to achieve the maximum welding stress of the largest part of the tank. The new polypropylene-containing amount of the same material with the same physical properties is melted at the large weld, and is formed into a body with the bottom of the tank and the tank.


      Tingdu welding process characteristics


      Mechanization, high degree of automation, stable product quality


      The weld specification can be designed according to the stress characteristics of the product to make full use of the integrity of the solder candy.


      The product has good integrity, the weld seam is integrated with the figure body, and it has good corrosion resistance and leakage resistance.


      can reduce the flash, and then smooth and beautiful


      Adding a home-line model to the tax in the tax control. Preventing aging, doubting the use of life.


      Third, winding around the tape production


      The burn-in-stage winding is a main process of the touch-welding and winding-type performance technology exhibition. Its main function is to increase the strength of the polypropylene storage tank. The understanding of the card is to wrap the original 120-wide wide original Confucian plate on the outside of the storage tank.


      Internal die process characteristics


      Mechanization, automation degree, product quality is stable High confidence, storage ball is not easy to use


The product can be designed with the stress of the product to design the seam layer.

Fourth, the nozzle installation and production


       The nozzle installation is the last process, which is equivalent to the reduced version of the bottom welding. It is an imported small automatic extrusion welding unit that welds the nozzle and the flange, and then uses the hole opener to open the corresponding size on the kettle body. Finally, Adopt German MUNSCH portable extrusion welding.


       Pipe installation process characteristics


       ◆Mechanization, high degree of automation, stable product quality ◆ Nozzle weld and Dong body-body, high welding strength ◆ Can reduce flash, smooth and beautiful weld


       ◆ Adding UV absorber to the polypropylene baking pellets extends the service life.

Wide range of applications

Polypropylene house gas spray purification tower is mainly used in chemical, metallurgy, electroplating, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, environmental protection, petroleum, electronics, medicine, food, grease, light industry, acid, pickling, battery materials and other industries.


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