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石墨改性聚丙烯列管式换热器、冷凝器 Graphite Modified Polypropylene Tube Heat Exchanger and Condenser







Graphite modified polypropylene tubular heat exchanger and condenser

Good product quality, production technology is very important 3


      The stone-based modified polypropylene tube type has been replaced with a new type of thermal equipment developed in the near future. . The equipment is made of a heat-transfer tube by using a high-quality pure polypropylene to make a bright tube sheet to a head-to-head take-over. The main features are as follows:


      Corrosion-resistant, single-polypropylene, you have excellent chemical resistance, for inorganic matter, regardless of acid-base salt, in addition to strong oxidation of your hands, nine blue to the door 200 has no destructive effect on it, for almost all baths The agent can not be used in the chamber method, and can be used on a medium such as a stranger, an alcohol resistant, an aldehyde or a ketone.


      Temperature resistance: The melting point of polyacrylonitrile plastics is 154-1740, 8 children can use temperature to reach -10-120C


      Light weight: The specific gravity of oil in polypropylene is only 0.91-40.93, which is the most suitable agricultural material in the tree, so this equipment is very light, which is beneficial to the installation and maintenance of equipment.


      Non-toxic, non-fouling: non-contaminating medium, can also be used in the food industry.


Due to the above characteristics, the equipment is suitable for the chemical industry in the metallurgical, food, environmental protection, chemical fiber and other industries to meet the needs of the various equipment for the container, instead of the original stainless steel porcelain graphite lock glass and other equipment . After using the effect of the bean, it has been welcomed by the majority of users.



Wide range of applications

Graphite modified polypropylene tube heat exchanger and condenser are mainly used in chemical, metallurgy, electroplating, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, environmental protection, petroleum, electronics, medicine, food, grease, light industry, acid production, pickling, battery materials. And other industries.



Environmental Ordering, Installation Instructions


       The diameter of the heat exchanger (condenser). Due to the mold limit is fixed.


       The height H of the heat exchanger (condenser) and the structural form, flange orientation, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements.


       Please submit the operating parameters to the Parkson design team as much as possible when ordering the heat exchanger (condenser).


       Plastics have different shrinkage rates due to temperature. The detailed dimensions of the equipment and the basic dimensions of the installation are subject to the actual product. Taking into account the production error, the equipment foundation, pipelines, etc. must be poured and connected after the product is checked at the site. If you have special requirements for the equipment, please ask at the time of ordering.


       When the flange is connected, do not tighten it on one side to avoid deformation of the flange surface.


Do not pass the weight of pipes, valves, etc. on the flange of the tank to avoid cracking of the flange.









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