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聚丙烯多功能废气净化塔 Polypropylene multifunctional waste gas purification tower


工业废气处理设备 Industrial waste gas treatment equipment





Good product quality, production technology is very important!!!

FR PNC plastic vertical and horizontal vacuum metering tanks are non-toxic, odorless, highly crystalline polymeric materials. It can conceal various acids and alkalis, has excellent corrosion resistance, and can store most organic and inorganic acids, alkali salts and some organic solvents. It is the most commonly used name material for anti-corrosion. Compared with many materials, it has excellent chemical resistance, good long-term use and high stress resistance, especially at higher temperature applications.

PR, PYC type material vertical, horizontal vacuum measurement is often used in the production process of the measurement vacuum love full height storage lotus.

PP PNC plastic vertical and horizontal vacuum metering tanks are mainly used for vacuum measurement of materials in the production process of chemical, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries. It has the advantages of light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, and simple operation. Operating pressure: 0.04-0.1 MPa. Operating temperature setting PP-100-120C.PIC 40'C-60TC


Wide range of applications


Polypropylene and PVC plastic vacuum measuring tanks are mainly used in chemical, metallurgy, electroplating, chemical rod, printing and dyeing, environmental protection, petroleum, electronics, medicine, food, grease, light industry, acid, pickling, battery materials and other industries.

      The diameter of the metering tank is fixed due to the mold.


       The volume and structure of the measuring tank, flange orientation, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements. Please submit the working condition parameters to Parkson's design team as much as possible when ordering the metering tank.


       Plastics have different shrinkage rates due to temperature. The detailed dimensions of the equipment and the basic dimensions of the installation are subject to the actual product. Taking into account the production error, the equipment foundation, pipelines, etc. must wait for the product to be poured into the site and then watered and connected. If you have special requirements for the equipment, please ask at the time of ordering.


       When the flange is connected, do not tighten it on one side to avoid deformation of the flange surface.


Do not pass the weight of pipes, valves, etc. on the flange of the tank to avoid cracking of the flange.









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